DLD Friendly audit

The CATALISE process agreed the new term ‘Developmental Language Disorder’ and associated criteria (Bishop et al 2017)

To support Speech and Language Therapy and specialist education services implement the recommendations NAPLIC has developed the ‘DLD friendly!’ scheme.

This is a simple self audit which outlines the general areas of service change. Once submitted and approved the ‘DLD friendly’ logo can then be added to letterheads, email signatures etc. The aim of the scheme is to support service development and share good practice.

The scheme is open to Speech and Language Therapy and specialist education services which support children and young people with DLD, from all parts of the UK. At this point in time the scheme is not suitable for schools or individual practitioners. The services must be either a group member or have two staff members who are NAPLIC members at the time of submission.

Names and contact details, together with good practice examples will be collated in the members’ area of the NAPLIC website. This will enable the share of good practice between members.


  1. Service downloads the ‘DLD friendly’ documentation from the members’ area of the website.
  2. A group of staff complete the ‘How has this been achieved so far?’ column of the audit form and outline their plans in the ‘What’s the plan to reach the quality standard?’.
  3. The development plan is reviewed at regular intervals until all of the outcomes have been achieved. Some development areas may take time as they require negotiation.
  4. The complete form should include the names of two NAPLIC committee members or group membership. Please also include one work email address. This may be an individual or servicewide email. This will be posted in the secure NAPLIC members’ area only.
  5. We also ask for one example of good practice that can be shared to inspire other services. This may be a leaflet, or a brief (maximum 200 words) description of a piece of work. This will posted in the NAPLIC members’ area.

Submission email address:  naplic.dldfriendly@gmail.com


Once submitted the paperwork will be reviewed by the NAPLIC committee. Once approved the name of the service, together with the contact details and good practice example will be added to the members’ area of the NAPLIC website. The success will be publicised on social media and in the NAPLIC newsletter. Services will get sent the ‘DLD friendly’ logo electronically which they may then add to their letterheads, email signatures etc. Services are welcome to publicise their success also.

This is valid for a period of two years in the first instance. The logo is shown below (for reference only and is not to be used without permission).


Bishop, D. V., Snowling, M. J., Thompson, P. A., Greenhalgh, T. and , (2017), Phase 2 of CATALISE: a multinational and multidisciplinary Delphi consensus study of problems with language development: Terminology. J Child Psychol Psychiatr, 58: 1068-1080. doi:10.1111/jcpp.12721



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