Diagnosing DLD – Module 6: Bilingualism and Developmental Language Disorder

There are two separate videos on this topic. Viewers are advised to watch them in one sitting as they address different aspects of this topic. There is some crossover as they are both outlining best practice and policy.

Video 6a: Carolyn Gelenter, Specialist Teacher from Westminster and Marie Newton, Speech and Language Therapist from Brighton and Hove.

Carolyn and Marie view this topic from a functional, educational perspective with a focus on joint practice.

Video 6b: Dr Sean Pert, Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy, University of Manchester

In particular Sean emphasises working with families and also covers aspects of intervention.


Module 6b: DLD and bilingualism – Handout 1 (PDF)

Module 6b: DLD and bilingualism – Handout 2 (PDF)

Module 6b: DLD and bilingualism – Handout 3 (PDF)


Conference summary 2024

Published 3rd May, 2024

We are making progress with DLD

Published 21st February, 2024


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