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Developmental Language Disorder: everything you need to know

NAPLIC have been told that the February 2nd edition of the TES includes a major feature on Developmental Language Disorder entitled “Developmental Language Disorder: everything you need to know”.

Interviewees include NAPLIC President, Professor Courtenay Norbury.

Check out from 2nd February 2018.

New funding for research from Heather van der Lely Foundation Trust


The trust will be considering applications for up to £350,000 in the topic areas outlined below. We emphasise that those applications that closely reflect the areas outlined will be the most likely to receive funding:

  • Research into the nature of developmental language disorders (previously ‘specific language impairment- SLI’) and the overlap with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  • Activities that facilitate and promote the identification of children with, or at risk for, developmental language disorders.
  • Investigations that focus on aspects of syntax, morphology & phonology in developmental language disorders, including their assessment and intervention.
  • Evaluations of the ethos and use of the Grammar and Phonology Screening (GAPS) test: e.g. the potential for children in the United Kingdom to be ‘screened’ for developmental language disorders and risk for reading difficulty when starting out in education.

In addition, applications on the following themes will also be welcomed:

  • Multidisciplinary collaborations and research that includes independent charities, schools & other organisations, alongside academic partners.
  • Work that highlights the needs of children (and young people) with developmental language disorders within the UK.

The first call, for first round applications of 500 words, will open at the end of January 2018 and close 30th April 2018. A shortlist of projects will be selected for full review from these by mid May 2018 (deadline end of July) with final awards made in the late Autumn 2018.

To find out more and to find details on how to apply, please visit the website  If you have any queries please email

Follow the Trust on Twitter @HvdL_Foundation

NAPLIC Conference 2018

The 2018 conference will be held in either late April or mid-May. The working themes currently are the Bercow 10 Years Review and next steps with Developmental Language Disorders, now that we have a label for the condition.

If you have suggestions for speakers you would like to hear then please contact


NAPLIC CONFERENCE & AGM: “Developmental Language Disorder: Making change happen”

The conference started Jean Gross summarising the findings of the Bercow 10 year review which included startling findings about the discrepancies between professionals and parents about how well families are listened to.

Read full conference summary


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